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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

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Mrs Makin

Mr Faulkner
(Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Perks
    (Assistant Headteacher)  

           School Structure       

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Rhianna Y3 .jpg

Mrs Tyrer

(EYFS Lead) 

 Mrs Kelly

(KS1 Lead)

Miss Lawton 

( Family Support Worker) 

Miss Downey



Headteacher: Joanne Makin

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Faulkner

Special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO): Rhianna Downey

Designated safeguarding lead (DSL): Joanne Makin

Designated teacher for looked after children and previously looked after children: Rhianna Downey


Staff Team


Teacher   (Lead)

Teacher   (Lead)


Miss Daniels ( Early Langauge) 



Mrs Tyrer (EYFS Lead )

Mrs Faulkner (RE)

Year 1

Miss Williams (Art)

Miss Johnson (History)

Year 2

Mrs Kelly  (KS1/LKS2/Phonics)

Miss Humphreys (DT)

Year 3

Mr Monaghan (MFL)

Miss Lamb (Science)

Year 4

Mr Carson (Forest School, PE)

Mrs  Warburton (Music/Enrichment)

Year 5

Mr Warburton ( Drama)

Miss Higgins (Reading )

Year 6

Miss Lynch (Geography)

Mr  Wilson (Computing/Writing)

KS1 Base

Mrs Jones (Inclusion)

Mrs Johnson (PHSE)

KS2 Bases

Miss Downey (SENCO)

Mrs Perks (Inclusion)

Office Team: Kim Clare & Debbie Middleton

Site Manager: Paul Lewis

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Mrs Clare Mrs Middleton Mr Lewis
Our Midday Supervisors  

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Community Primary School & Nursery

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Mr E Burke | Chair of Governors

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