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Sun, Safety Information

The school wishes to encourage pupils to protect themselves from the sun. One way of doing this is to use sunscreen at the appropriate time. Please let your teacher know if you wish to send your child into school with their own sunscreen. Teachers and support staff on outdoor duties or in charge of school outings will remind children to cover up in the sun and apply sunscreen.

If your child has any allergies or skin sensitivities you may want to check with your GP before providing a sunscreen. The school will inform you if your child has any adverse reaction that may be due to the sunscreen and will take medical advice if necessary.

You will need to provide a sunhat for your child to bring, and wear, at school during sunny spells. We advise a hat with an attached neck flap. Also encourage your child to wear longer sleeved shirts and longer shorts when outdoors. The school will remind parents of the sun safety policy from time to time, particularly around the start of the summer term, sports days and outings, however, the policy is always available on the website.

Oakfield Primary School encourages parents to provide sunscreen for this purpose. The procedures for use of sunscreens at school are as follows:

  • Parents to apply or have their child apply a high factor sunscreen BEFORE coming to school

  • Provide sunscreen for your child to apply as and when necessary during the school day. Please note, staff do not apply sunscreen. They will supervise children applying

  • Label the sunscreen container with your child’s name and class

  • Hand the sunscreen to the class teacher or TA
    School does not permit the use of aerosol sprays.

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