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School Clubs

School Enrichment Activities

At Oakfield Community Primary & Nursery we pride ourselves in the exciting enrichment activities we offer to all our children.

We value their voice and offer a wide range of clubs to cater for different ages and interests,  reflecting our commitment in developing children into confident individuals with their own interests. We encourage every child to try our clubs and many of these can lead towards life-long hobbies and passions. We also take part in competitions throughout the year and encourage everyone to get involved. 

Our enrichment activities are organised on a termly basis.  If you would like to attend a club or would like further details please speak to the teacher or coach running the activity for availability, who will message parents through Classdojo and gather interest from children in school. 

Most of our extra-curricular activities and clubs are offered at a low cost charge of £5 per half term. 

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School Trips and Excursions

The school also runs many school trips throughout the year to support and enhance the children's curriculum learning. We try to keep the cost as low as we can and find ways to assist with the funding where we can! We believe it is important to offer a wide range of experiences throughout their journey through school to ensure they experience a trip to the farm, zoo, seaside, musuem and much more...

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