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Our ‘6 C’s curriculum’ embraces and has been developed with our schools values :


  • Collaboration- working together, ensuring collective participation – working towards a common overall outcome.
  • Communication- an umbrella that encompasses speaking and listening, conveying information through the use of written and spoken language.
  • Consideration- thoughtfulness and sensitivity to others.
  • Consistency- the key to achieving great learning outcomes
  • Commitment- to strive and embrace difficulty with optimism
  • Celebration- instilling a love of learning as well as having a very significant and positive impact on learners’ memory, motivation and other cognitive functions.



We are developing our curriculum to ensure that all our children are prepared for the next stage of their Learning Journey. We believe that education should be a life long journey of new opportunities. Children’s learning begins with a belief that they can do whatever they set their minds to; pupil voice is a strong part of our curriculum. Our topics start with the child’s perspective and then move on to consider local, national and global communities. We are setting the foundations of learning for a rapidly changing world.

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