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Growth Mindset

A ‘growth mindset’ approach is interwoven into the life and breath of everyday and is part of our ethos and culture. We know that children who have a positive attitude to learning will continue to progress and be successful. Learning never stops; with practise, effort and resilience everyone can improve.  However, this belief first must come from within.

Having a Growth Mindset enables all, especially our pupils, to improve through challenge and viewing mistakes as a learning opportunity. They take responsibility for the depth of knowledge and understanding they feel most comfortable with at each stage of their learning. We believe the best thing to do is to teach children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning and asking questions. Rather than simply praising success we praise effort, persistence and positive attitudes to the frequent difficulties in the process of learning.

We actively encourage pupils to take risks in lessons with the understanding that all successes come from overcoming things that were previously a challenge.

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